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March 29, 2011 5:19 pm

Gyan to Roma?

On the eve of Thomas Di Benedetto completing his purchase of Roma, Di Benedetto has came out claiming that he would like to purchase 5 new players over the summer. This is some thing that aging AS Roma squad badly need if they are going to continue to battle for the last Champions league spot, let alone the Scudetto. 

One of those player could be could be Ghana and Sunderland’s Asamoah Gyan. Fresh off a fantastic game for Ghana were he grab a late tying goal versus England, his stock is high. Gyan moved from Rennes to Sunderland for around 13 million euros only last year. But the lure of the Eternal city, the prospect of challenging for the Scudetto and playing in the Champions League may just be too much for Gyan to resist.  

January 22, 2011 11:39 am

25 coolest.

While GQ isnt the finest magazine, often I see it as the guy that wants to be cool but is always late into trends or a style and just comes off looking mass produced and without much personality. Example, in the wear this not that section, Dont wear that hoodie, put on a sweater and a button down and some pants. But then don’t tuck your shirt in and make those pants cargo pants. Then put on a pair of tennis shoes that your grandpa would wear. But anyway.

But after saying all this GQ has put together a pretty decent list of the 25 coolest athletes of all time. While a list can never be perfect, and yes they do have Tim Lincecum on it but leave out the likes of a Satchel Paige or a Jack Johnson, over all I think they did a pretty good job. 

Joe Namath

Mario Andretti

Allen Iverson

Bjorn Borg

Arthur Ashe


Walt Frazier

Evel Knievel

Jean-Claude Killy

Pete Maravich

Tom Brady

Muhammaed Ali

Bob Gibson

Julius Erving

Bo Jackson

Arnold Palmer

George Best

Derek Sanderson

Tim Lincecum

Kenny Stabler

Michael Jordan 

Gary Player

Jim Brown

Ted Turner

Kelly Slater

Who do you think they missed?
December 28, 2010 2:55 pm
Good Day for him.
4-0 Man City over Villa

Good Day for him.

4-0 Man City over Villa

2:12 pm
Intersting to see how this affects the race for the Scudetto.
And Cassano, that is more than 5 pounds.

Intersting to see how this affects the race for the Scudetto.

And Cassano, that is more than 5 pounds.

December 17, 2010 9:20 pm
Well Since Tumblr deleted my draft....

I had a great piece written about the fantastic football/soccer games that are coming up this weekend but it is no where to be found. 

So I present you with this instead

Gyan winning BBC African Player of the Year. He had a fantastic World Cup, that should have resulted in at least a 4th place finish if it wasn’t for the volleyball player/cannibal Luis Suarez. But anyway props to the man for having a great year and being able to rebound after a tragic world cup exit. 

July 5, 2010 11:26 pm

How to spend a World Cup off day.

July 4, 2010 10:52 am

Now what for Ghana?

I could breakdown the future of Italy or the Usa but seeing that this has been done countless times and will continue to be done for sometime, I’ll take a look at Ghana

As any good Detroiter, I have a natural attraction to Black people in competition. This is one reason I wasn’t has heartbroken about the USA loss to Ghana, I mean if it had to be any team, I’m glad it was Ghana.

But after losing the, hmm I need to find a neutral, not angry word……..I’ll go with heartbreaking, after losing that heartbreaking match to Uruguay, the future for Ghana is extremely bright.(and im not going to make a bright and star pun, that would be just too much)

15 players under the age of 25.

And I think another key to Ghana success in the future is that the majority of their players are already in Europe and playing on a regular basis for the most part.  

And with players like Kevin Prince Boateng and Andre Ayew to bigger clubs in Europe, maybe 2014 Pele will finally be right, please?

9:37 am July 3, 2010 6:09 pm
Il Tifosi: Official: Juventus Unveil Marco Motta & New Shirts

Juventus announced on the official website, just hours after unveiling their kits for the forthcoming season, the signing of Udinese’s Marco Motta. The 24 year old right back had been linked with a move to Turin for some time, with speculation growing after the Friuli club out-bid Roma following…


6:06 pm